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Starlight Theatre | Kansas City, Missouri

New Kids On The Block

Fans of the nineties are in for one helluva treat, a re-run of one of the best tours of their lifetimes, as New Kids on the Block are bringing back a reimagining of their smash hit, 1990 tour, the "Magic Tour 2024." Keeping with the theme, they're also bringing special guests Paula Abdul and DJ Jazzy Jeff along for the ride.

The massive tour will hit up over 40 cities, and right here, and now we've got passes for the show happening at the Starlight Theatre on Tuesday, June 25th. Trust us, when it comes to those fuzzy feelings from the 90s filled with nostalgia and great music, but now with all the modern amenities and facilities, THIS IS IT!!! Something this special doesn't come around frequently, and when it does, it's usually difficult to get into, but luckily, you can buy your tickets right away by clicking the "GET TICKETS" button. So, what are you waiting for?

There comes a time when all the stars align, and magic happens. For the New Kids on the Block, that was in 1990 during their "Magic Tour," which was sponsored by Coca-Cola and McDonald's. It's been over 30 years now, and the stars have once again aligned, and for fans new and old, that means the Magic Tour is back again for 2024. Aren't you guys lucky? So, when summer rolls around, that's when all the magic happens! As the New Kids set out on their first tour in over a decade, featuring largely outdoor venues, fans can look forward to a summer filled with nostalgia and good times.

The multi-platinum-selling artists, comprised of Donnie, Joey, Jordan, Jonathan, and Danny, are ready to take to the road and blow away audiences at several out-door arenas. You're going to get to experience all the nostalgia from the '90s, but with updated technology to make the whole thing that much more special. As an addition to their already amazing catalog of hits, they're also bringing brand-new music in the form of the revamped 2008 album "The Block," which was released on November 3rd last year.

You'll witness NKOTB like they've always been in their glory days, and that in itself is a magical treat. They've also promised to play not only their biggest hits but also fan favorites and some fantastic surprises, just like the 90s version.

On this tour, NKOTB will be performing beneath the stars at some of the most famous locations, including some of the same spots they played at during their initial Magic Tour in 1990. Special guests include Paul Abdul and DJ Jazzy Jeff, both icons of the 1990s with a huge plethora of hits of their own, to keep you well entertained. Abdul and Jeff have between them a laundry list of awards with millions of records sold.

On tour, guests will get to experience something truly magical, and the only thing standing in your way is tickets. Luckily, you can grab yours right here and now, but you've gotta be quick, as availability is quickly becoming limited.

New Kids On The Block at Starlight Theatre

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