Guests of the Starlight Theater are asked to be considerate of fellow visitors. The following guidelines are in place to make the theatre visit for you and others around you as pleasant and enjoyable as possible.

1. No Smoking
Smoking is strictly not allowed in the seating area. Designated and clearly-marked smoking areas are provided north of the seating area, and behind the Encore Tap Room.

2. No Photography
Use of cameras and recording equipment is strictly prohibited during performances.

3. No Cell Phones
Use of cell phones in any capacity is not allowed during the performance, as the noises and lights are distracting for other members of the audience. Phones should be turned to off or silent and stowed away throughout the duration of the performance.

4. Late Admittance
Please arrive in plenty of time for your performance. Latecomers may be held back from entering by ushers until appropriate breaks in the show.