Kidz Bop Live at Starlight Theatre

Kidz Bop Live Tickets

Starlight Theatre | Kansas City, Missouri

If you have ever wished to see Kidz Bop Live in live concert, then you are in for a treat! Because Starlight Theatre in Kansas City is proud to host this premium talent on Friday 23rd August 2019. Longtime fans and newcomers alike who are lovers of the genre will be witness to a musical experience that you will not find anywhere else. With a history of full house audiences and unsurpassed performances, you know that when you experience Kidz Bop Live you are in for a great time. Why settle for a boring Friday evening, when you can spend it at Starlight Theatre for this astounding evening. Get your tickets today while they last, because they are already flying off the shelves.

Kidz Bop Live at Starlight Theatre

Missouri is renowned as one of the greatest places for music fans for miles. People travel from near and far to show their dedication to their favorite stars live in person. Starlight Theatre is one of the largest capacity venues in Missouri for worldwide superstars to visit, being in the center of Kansas City where the social hub of arts and culture buzzes around it. Right now, Starlight Theatre is preparing the stage to welcome the very much anticipated Kidz Bop Live with open doors on the Friday 23rd August 2019! This will not be the average Friday night, even for Starlight Theatre! Kansas City is going to be heaving with excitement all psyched to be part of one of the most exciting and energetic live concerts of 2019! We have a select few tickets left so get your hands on them now and make sure you're in that audience to see Kidz Bop Live’s music performed right before your eyes!

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