Tootsie – The Musical at Starlight Theatre

Tootsie - The Musical Tickets

Starlight Theatre | Kansas City, Missouri

Tootsie, the show, will have a live performance on Friday 19th May 2023 at Starlight Theatre. This show is so ridiculously funny that you would be forgiven for knocking yourself out. But don't worry, take a moment to collect yourself and prepare for even more laughter! It is that good. The production quality will be unprecedented in terms of set design and wardrobe. The quality of a musical's score is extremely vital to the show's overall reception, and Tootsie's is nothing short of remarkable. Honestly, you can't place a sufficient amount of emphasis on how interesting this performance is. Because of the high demand and low supply of tickets, you should act quickly to reserve a spot. Fortunately, the process is elementary right here, so do not delay and buy yours today!

Tootsie - The Musical at Starlight Theatre

The New York Times chose Tootsie as a Critic's Pick because it is "Broadway's funniest new musical."

We get to learn a lot about Michael Dorsey, an incredibly talented actor who frequently switches jobs, as the musical untwists. Michael, who is currently jobless and fed up with his life, decides to make one last effort to get his goals by posing as the actress Dorothy Michaels. Michael (who plays Dorothy) is falling for Julie (who is his co-star), as the Broadway audience is in awe of Dorothy's quick rise to the top. Michael quickly figures out that maintaining the charade of his greatest acting success will be more difficult than he had anticipated.

Interesting tale so far, huh? You must be there to watch this captivating comedy and find out what happens next, because it is sure to excite all of the spectators. The fact that tickets are selling out so quickly pretty much tells you how adored, this masterpiece is.

It is actually regarded as "the most riotous new musical in years" by The Hollywood Reporter, and Rolling Stone said, “In these turbulent times, when the world seems out of balance, we need a place to let the good times roll.” Don't forget to secure your spot for the viewing on Friday 19th May 2023 at the Starlight Theatre. It will, without a doubt, be the best choice you'll make all year!

Tootsie - The Musical at Starlight Theatre

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